About BestWaystoLoseWeight.org

silhouette of nine persons standing on the hillWe at BestWaystoLoseWeight.org are a group comprised of doctors, scientists, medical researches, body builders, athletes and nurses.  We are dedicated to helping people achieve healthy weight loss and get into the best health of their lives, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Many of us have conquered major health problems brought on by poor diet, poor supplements and excess weight.  We’ve experienced firsthand how hard it can be to lose the weight and keep in off for good.  Many of us wasted years and a small fortune trying every weight loss gimmick, program and pill under the sun.  Some of us even resorted to unsafe surgeries.

In the end, the only thing that truly worked for every one of us was a 3 part strategy of fixing the diet, exercise, and supplementing with scientifically backed, safe sourced, all natural supplements.

We’ve created this site to help others achieve health, longevity, and their weight loss goals.  We regularly research all the latest studies, science, diets, supplements and trends, in weight loss and health to make it easier for our readers to achieve success.  We alert our readers to scientifically proven safe data that works, and alert them where they can obtain safe source products that are scientifically proven effective for weight loss or health.

We are rooting for your success and hope you will implement the 3 part health strategy we outline of diet, exercise, and safe source science backed supplements.

Much health, love and success to you on your journey to health, weight loss and happiness.